Staffing. Recruiting. Testing. Research. Advice. Whatever you need to run your business better, we’re here to help.

As a full service staffing and recruiting firm, of course we have solutions for all of your staffing needs. We’re one of the top recruitment agencies in Hudson Valley, NY! But there’s more to a partnership with Here’s Help. We can:

  • Provide insight into the job market, hiring and salary trends
  • Create a strategic hiring plan that will save you money and time
  • Perform background checks and pre-employment skills testing

Top Recruitment Firm in Hudson Valley, NY

Direct Hire & Executive-Level Recruitment can be faster and pain free. You send us the requirements for the position and we recruit, prescreen, and offer only those candidates who match your criteria. Once you have selected the candidates, we arrange interviews, share feedback, check references, negotiate salaries, and facilitate the entire placement process.

Temporary Staffing & Temp-to-Hire Placement gives you flexibility, whether you have an unexpected increase in business, need to fill a temporary vacancy, or require additional staff to help complete a special project.  We eliminate all of the prescreening for you and only share candidates we feel would compliment your business and objectives that you are seeking to accomplish.  As a temporary employee, the individual is on our payroll so we assume responsibility for all payroll taxes, government reporting, disability, workers’ compensation, unemployment claims, and W2s.  Your bill rate is inclusive of the candidate’s salary as well as the relevant taxes and our administrative fee.

Payroll Services are much like our temporary and temp-to-hire program, but you refer the individual to us.

If you’re looking for a trustworthy recruiting firm (over 30 years in business), contact our team to see how we can help you reach your goals.