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Do You Know Which Job Candidates Succeed in Your Company?


If you’re in the midst of trying to fill a vacant job opening at your company, the experts at Here’s Help know how difficult that search can be. The questions that come along with poring over applicants’ resumes and cover letters can be paralyzing. Should you interview this candidate, or that candidate? Which candidate has…

Get Up Off the Mat After a Tough Job Interview


Interview didn’t go quite as planned? After a bad interview, it can be hard to get back on the proverbial job search horse. Still, candidates need to stay positive if they hope to find their dream positions. Use the following three tips to get up off the mat after an interview doesn’t go your way.…

What to Do When Your Top Talent Leaves


Many experts offer tips for helping your company retain its top talent. However, few people tell you what to do after your best employees have abandoned you for the competition or a new industry. Here are some tips to avoid losing business along with your best people: Offer a Few Well-Deserved Promotions Most of the…