Using a Hudson Valley Staffing Company Will Get You the Right Talent

Staffing companies provide great fits for job openings, not just warm bodies to complete the job. Here are some of the many ways in which using a staffing company like Here’s Help will get you the right talent the first time. Attract Passive Candidates One of the best reasons to consider staffing companies is that… Read More »

Learn How to Evaluate a Job Candidate’s LinkedIn Recommendations

Most companies prefer hiring employees recommended by current friends and co-workers. However, in today’s increasingly digital world, LinkedIn is fast replacing in-person referrals. Many people have LinkedIn recommendations on their profiles, but how do you tell which ones are truly worthwhile? A relatively new item, the LinkedIn recommendations feature lets members endorse friends and co-workers… Read More »

Get Up Off the Mat After a Tough Job Interview

Interview didn’t go quite as planned? After a bad interview, it can be hard to get back on the proverbial job search horse. Still, candidates need to stay positive if they hope to find their dream positions. Use the following three tips to get up off the mat after an interview doesn’t go your way.… Read More »

Turn Temp Work into a Positive on Your Resume

While the economy is beginning to recover from the recent recession, competition for the best positions is still fierce. Further, many businesses are turning to temporary staffing to save money. As a result, many workers are forced to take on temporary jobs even though they’d prefer full-time permanent positions. Although temp work may not be… Read More »

Conducting a Successful Phone Interview

Phone interviews are an efficient way to screen a lot of candidates without investing too much of your time – or theirs – before deciding if they are qualified enough to bring in for a full interview. These tips will help you to conduct an effective phone interview and improve your overall hiring process. Make… Read More »