What a Temp Staffing Agency can Offer You

What a Temp Staffing Agency can Offer You

Friday, July 18 11:24:00 AM | Jeff Kells

what a temp staffing company can offer youYou may be operating under the misconception that a temp staffing agency is nothing more than a place to find temp workers. You may not be aware that a quality temp staffing agency can offer a full range of business solutions. All of these solutions are designed to help you run your business more efficiently, and with greater profitability. To take full advantage of all of these services, you need to view your temp staffing agency as a long-term partner. Building a business relationship with a temp agency will help them provide you with more options and better services. In the long run, you’ll get much more than just high-quality temp workers.

Top Temps

This is the area that a temp staffing agency specializes in. They can provide you with educated, experienced, and trained temp workers to fill nearly any role. To make this service more valuable, they can also help you create customized training modules for your temps, and for your existing workforce. This will help new workers get up to speed faster, and increase the productivity of your existing workforce.

Staying Legal

Employment law is cumbersome, convoluted, and ever-changing. Due to the sheer number of employees they handle, a temp staffing agency has to be on top of the most recent legislation. That expertise can also be used to your benefit. A temp staffing agency can help you review, revise, and update your policies and procedures to reflect the current statutory requirements.

Staying Safe

A temp staffing agency can also help you with every aspect of your workplace health and safety program. From training and compliance, to workplace inspections and risk remediation, they can make sure that your workers and your workplace are as safe as possible. They can also help you prepare all of the necessary health and safety documentation as required by law.

Keeping Time

Timekeeping and payroll tasks are nearly as convoluted as employment law. The sheer volume of documentation required can be overwhelming. A temp staffing agency can offer outsourced timekeeping and payroll solutions that are less expensive than an in-house payroll department.

Paying and Getting Paid

Accounts payable and accounts receivable are also typically handled by an in-house payroll or HR department. Customizing your invoices for each client, and handling payments for every employee and vendor, consumes a huge amount of time. Your in-house employees may do nothing all day but handle these accounts. A temp staffing agency already has systems in place to handle these accounts quickly and easily.

Making the Most of Your Time

A lot of the tasks associated with owning a business have little to do with the business itself. All of the tangential tasks that you have to perform pull your attention away from your core business pursuits. When you’re focused on payroll, or hiring, or health and safety, you’re not focused on what you got into business to do. A temp staffing agency can handle all of these tangential tasks for you, allowing you to get back to the parts of your business that you should be focused on.

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