The Best Executives Possess This One Skill

When evaluating candidates for your company, it can be difficult to determine who has the necessary skills to succeed. Although a lot of factors contribute to success in the business world, time and again experts have noticed that the best executives all possess one skill in particular: They all have an active coping mechanism. At its core, active coping is the ability to roll with the punches, predict changes and adapt to them when they occur. So how can hiring employees with active coping abilities enhance your business? Check out the list below to see just a few of the many benefits that these workers bring.

They Are Active, Not Passive

By definition, active copers are not content with sitting idly by. Because of their proactive nature, these workers are eager to tackle new obstacles and seek out opportunities where they can succeed. Moreover, most active copers are interested in bettering themselves, and they continually create new goals, which could be a boon to your company.

They Have Increased Awareness

Since active copers are interested in taking on new challenges and open to change, they often have an increased awareness. Not only do people with this trait seek out additional information to help give them an accurate sense of what is going on around them, but they are also usually more aware of their own limitations and familiar with the capabilities of their fellow co-workers.

They Don’t Discourage Easily

Active copers adapt well to change and failure, so they don’t discourage as easily as other workers. Also, because these employees are accustomed to finding innovative ways to succeed, they tend to view failure as a momentary setback. Active copers know there is a solution to every problem, and they are eager to find it.

They Are Decisive

Some workers struggle with making firm decisions, since going down one path often means abandoning another. Active copers, on the other hand, don’t usually struggle with making these kinds of choices, as they know that the path can always be changed and they’re ready and willing to adapt. It’s better to make a difficult choice today and deal with the consequences than hesitate and miss out on an opportunity altogether.

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