Why You Should Consider a Temp-to-Hire Position to Fill Your Opening

When it comes time to fill an opening, most employers conduct an exhaustive search to find the perfect candidate to join their team. If all goes well, that candidate will become a long-term employee who will contribute to the success of the company for years to come. Unfortunately, even the most rigorous recruitment process doesn’t guarantee that the chosen candidate will work out in the long run. Given this uncertainty, many businesses have decided to use temp-to-hire positions when looking for new workers, and the practice does have a number of benefits.

Increased Flexibility

Perhaps the greatest benefit of temp-to-hire positions is that they allow for a great deal of flexibility. For starters, bringing a worker on temporarily gives you the chance to see if the new employee is a good fit for your company without committing to them long-term. Additionally, if the temp-to-hire position is based around a new client or job, then you can test the waters to see if the increased workload justifies creating a new permanent position. You don’t want to bring on a new long-term hire only to discover that you don’t have enough work to sustain the position.

More Efficient and Affordable

Hiring temporary workers offers a number of practical benefits, especially if you do it through a temp agency. Staffing agencies will evaluate workers for you, helping the candidate search run more efficiently and freeing up valuable time for supervisors and managers. Moreover, since temporary workers are hired through the agency, you don’t have to worry about incurring additional costs, such as providing insurance and other benefits.

On-The-Job Evaluation

Reviewing resumes and conducting face-to-face interviews are good ways to predict whether or not candidates will succeed, but they pale in comparison to evaluating workers on the job. Temp-to-hire positions allow you to see how workers handle the job firsthand, enabling you to make the most informed hiring decisions possible. And in the event that an employee isn’t working out, you aren’t on the hook to provide any type of severance; they can simply leave when the temporary period is over.

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