Does Everyone Really Need to Be at the Meeting?

No matter the size of your company, meetings can eat up a lot of time during the day. While it’s important to make sure all of your workers are on the same page about the company’s current goals and strategies, you don’t want to dramatically hamper the efficiency of your operation. As a supervisor, what… Read More »

Here’s What Your Employees Need On Day One

After weeks of interviewing and assessing, you’ve finally selected a new employee for that open position. While you may think the hard part is over now that the hiring is done, the truth is that your company’s employee orientation process can set the tone for the entire work experience. At Here’s Help, we specialize in… Read More »

Turn Your Employees Into Superstars

As a business owner, you know that your employees are the ones who represent your company to customers and clients. And while it’s important that every worker does her part, certain employees stand out as those who can really help your company. Here are some tips for turning your high-potential employees into true superstars: Offer… Read More »

What To Do After The Interview

After weeks of applying for jobs, you finally had that all-important job interview, and it went even better than expected. Now, you can sit back and wait for the phone to ring, right? Wrong! As a job seeker, what you do after the interview is over can be just as important as what happened in… Read More »