Does Everyone Really Need to Be at the Meeting?

No matter the size of your company, meetings can eat up a lot of time during the day. While it’s important to make sure all of your workers are on the same page about the company’s current goals and strategies, you don’t want to dramatically hamper the efficiency of your operation. As a supervisor, what can you do to make sure that meetings go as quickly and easily as possible? By following these three simple tips, you can greatly enhance the effectiveness of your company’s meetings.

Prep Your Agenda

Perhaps the easiest way to increase the efficiency of your meetings is to increase your prep work. For starters, do everything you can to iron out the agenda before you walk into the conference room so that you know exactly what items need to be covered. Additionally, it’s a good idea to double-check – or even triple-check – the attendee list to make sure you’re not taking time away from an employee who doesn’t absolutely need to be there. Often, an email summary of what was covered in the meeting works just as well and can be read in a fraction of the time.

Start on Time

Ordinarily, you want your office to be a casual environment where friendly chitchat is encouraged. Unfortunately, that kind of laid-back attitude doesn’t work when it comes to meetings. Since you’re using up valuable time, don’t waste any of it on unproductive discussion. Even if all of your attendees aren’t present at the appointed time, start anyway and trust that latecomers will catch up. After a couple of promptly started meetings, your employees will learn that they need to be punctual.

Schedule Shorter Meetings

Most meetings don’t need to be as long as you think they do. In fact, building some breathing room into a meeting’s schedule will only serve to make the meeting longer. Instead, schedule your meetings for shorter periods of time. This condensed timetable will encourage you and your employees to be as efficient as possible. Ultimately, it’s better to go five or ten minutes over the schedule than to have a meeting be half an hour longer than necessary just to till the time.

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