Multiple Job Offers Are Great! How Do You Select the Best One?

In today’s job market, choosing between multiple job offers may seem like a luxury that only a select few have to deal with, but it happens more often than you might think.  Currently, it’s a candidate-driven market, so multiple options for job seekers aren’t uncommon. When fielding multiple offers at once, most people’s gut reaction is to go with the position that offers more money. Certainly, a heftier paycheck is an important consideration, but there are other variables that you should keep in mind. So the next time you’re choosing which job to take, ask yourself these three crucial questions:

What Is the Growth Potential Within Each Company?

If you’re picking between two or more different companies to work for, do a little bit of legwork and determine which company is more interested in helping employees grow. See if one of the companies offers intraoffice developmental programs or tuition reimbursement for college. In the long run, any additional training or education you receive will make you a more valuable worker and can be extremely beneficial to your long-term career goals.

What Kind of Work/Life Balance Do You Want?

When deciding between different jobs, it’s important to consider what you want your life to look like outside of work. On the one hand, a lucrative or prestigious position can be an enormous boost to your career, but it can also mean working long hours away from your family or friends. Conversely, it may be worth taking a lower-paying job if it gives you a more flexible schedule or means you can leave the office at a set time every day. Ultimately, you have to decide what matters more at this stage in your life.

What Is the Work Environment Like?

Most likely, you got a firsthand look at the companies you could be working for during the interview phase. Did one of the offices feel like a more natural fit for you? Did you get along better with the workers at a particular company? Remember, you’re probably going to be spending at least 40 hours a week at this new job, so you can’t put too high a price on feeling comfortable around your fellow employees and having a good working relationship with your immediate supervisor. A company’s culture can’t be undervalued. Consider the values of the potential employer and how they fit into your beliefs.

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