Get Off to a Successful Start at Your Next Temp Job

As a temporary employee, you might be hoping that your next short-term gig turns into a full-time career opportunity. Unfortunately, many temps make mistakes early on that prevent them from securing their dream jobs down the line. In some cases, they wind up isolating or even annoying the co-workers and supervisors they hope to impress.… Read More »

3 Techniques to Use in Your Next Job Interview

Knowing how to conduct oneself in a job interview is a skill unto itself. You have to act professionally while also being personable, projecting confidence without coming off as cocky, and you have to give clear, concise responses that don’t sound rehearsed or forced. Given these challenges, it’s a good idea to walk into an… Read More »

Don’t Commit a Job Interview Fail by Avoiding These 4 Mistakes

If you’re looking for work, you know how hard it can be to land an interview. Unfortunately, reaching this all-important stage is only the first part of the battle, and job seekers often derail their chances by performing badly in their interviews. At Here’s Help Staffing & Recruiting, we’re committed to helping you succeed in… Read More »

Create a LinkedIn Profile that Gets Noticed by Recruiters

Currently, almost 400 million business professionals use LinkedIn as a way to connect with one another. Given the scope of the networking site, it’s no surprise that recruiters use LinkedIn as a way to reach out to top talent across a wide variety of career fields. Unfortunately, many professionals don’t use the site to its… Read More »

Make a Great Impression When Starting a New Job

Have you recently been hired for a new job? First of all, congratulations! After you’ve sufficiently celebrated landing your new position, it’s time to buckle down and get ready to work. In your first days at a new job, it’s important to make a positive impression, and the experts at Here’s Help are here to… Read More »

Give More to Become Successful at Networking

Networking isn’t just about trying to impress people ahead of you so you can advance your career — although that’s certainly a key element. On the contrary, helping other people at your level or a lower one can also provide tremendous benefits. Here are three ways that helping others can benefit your own career in… Read More »

Multiple Job Offers Are Great! How Do You Select the Best One?

In today’s job market, choosing between multiple job offers may seem like a luxury that only a select few have to deal with, but it happens more often than you might think.  Currently, it’s a candidate-driven market, so multiple options for job seekers aren’t uncommon. When fielding multiple offers at once, most people’s gut reaction… Read More »

Avoid These 3 Mistakes When Applying for Your Dream Job

At Here’s Help, we know that applying for jobs can feel like a grind, and finding out that a company has an opening in your dream position can provide a much-needed jolt of excitement. Unfortunately, when a listing for your dream job comes around, it’s easy to get swept up in the moment and start… Read More »

Is Text Messaging Acceptable in the Job Search?

Once upon a time, companies communicated with job candidates via phone calls and formal letters delivered by mail. However, in the past few years, email has become the primary method by which companies communicate. Not only do candidates apply for positions online, but companies also send emails back to set up interviews, request samples, and… Read More »

Get Up Off the Mat After a Tough Job Interview

Interview didn’t go quite as planned? After a bad interview, it can be hard to get back on the proverbial job search horse. Still, candidates need to stay positive if they hope to find their dream positions. Use the following three tips to get up off the mat after an interview doesn’t go your way.… Read More »