Teach Your Employees and Watch Them Flourish

Effectively managing your workforce can be tricky. Often, supervisors get into the habit of constantly dictating orders to their employees, telling them step by step exactly what needs to be done and how to do it. Unfortunately, this kind of hands-on management can foster a degree of helplessness among the employees, resulting in them needing to be continuously guided and monitored. So instead of telling your employees what to do, use the following tips to give them the necessary tools to succeed on their own.

Explain Your Logic

For sure, it’s important for your workers to know what is expected of them, but the best managers also explain the logic behind a given task. Make sure that your employees understand your thought process and give them context for how the task at hand fits into an overall goal or methodology. Once your workers can see the big picture, they’ll have a better understanding of how their work contributes to the company as a whole. They also will be more willing to complete the tasks.

Ask Leading Questions

When an employee comes to you for help with a task, don’t offer up all of the answers straightaway. Instead, turn the tables on the employee and ask a series of leading questions to help them arrive at the correct answers. For example, you can ask your employees how they handled past assignments of a similar nature, what the next steps in the process should be and what problems they foresee down the road. By putting the ball back in their court, you can get your workers in the habit of problem solving on their own.

Give Your Employees Space

Unfortunately, your employees are going to frequently encounter problems that they don’t immediately know how to solve. Rather than hover over them, micromanaging every decision, you should give them space to figure things out for themselves. Whenever possible, exercise patience, take a step back and allow your workers to find their own solutions to problems. You may just be surprised by how little they need your help after all.

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