Give More to Become Successful at Networking

Networking isn’t just about trying to impress people ahead of you so you can advance your career — although that’s certainly a key element. On the contrary, helping other people at your level or a lower one can also provide tremendous benefits. Here are three ways that helping others can benefit your own career in the long run:

1. You Show You Are a Team Player

It’s no secret that people who help others tend to feel better themselves. After all, giving to others leaves you feeling happier and more energetic — in the long run, this translates to improved productivity and innovation in the workplace. From a networking perspective, helping others is also useful because it shows people that you are the kind of worker who leads and teaches rather than only looking out for herself. In the long run, employers are more interested in working with team players than those who only care about their own advancement.

2. You Access Unexpected Opportunities

It’s easy to assume that someone at a lower career level will have little to offer you professionally. However, the truth is that even entry-level employees often have skills or connections that could prove valuable. In fact, research shows that millennial workers excel in the areas of technology and social media. Further, an intern or administrative assistant just might have a friend in high places, so make an effort to help anyone you can.

3. You Plan for the Future

Helping entry-level employees in your field isn’t just about showing off your leadership skills and accessing unexpected opportunities; it can also help your career in a direct sense. By building up a professional network now, you can ensure that help will be there down the line when you need it. And who knows; some of those “lowly” contacts might just end up being hugely successful people in your field.

No one likes people who spend all their time trying to get ahead. Instead of only concentrating on your own career advancement, put some effort into helping those around you. Not only will you show you’re a team player who isn’t just out for yourself, you might also just make some valuable friends along the way.

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