Create a LinkedIn Profile that Gets Noticed by Recruiters

Currently, almost 400 million business professionals use LinkedIn as a way to connect with one another. Given the scope of the networking site, it’s no surprise that recruiters use LinkedIn as a way to reach out to top talent across a wide variety of career fields. Unfortunately, many professionals don’t use the site to its full potential, creating boilerplate, uninspired profiles that aren’t likely to draw the attention of recruiters. If you’re looking for ways to spice up your profile and make it more enticing to potential employers, here are three helpful tips.

Give Quantitative Data to Back Up Accomplishments

Listing your business accomplishments is a great start, but giving hard figures about those accomplishments is even more impressive. If the sales team you were on surpassed projections by 30 percent or the software innovation you developed increased efficiency by 20 percent, then be sure to list these numbers on your profile. By giving quantifiable numbers to back up your achievements, you’ll be able to stand out from the competition more easily.

Highlight Career Goals in Your Summary

In addition to giving more information about your past successes, it’s also a good idea to get specific about your future career goals. Where do you see yourself in five years and how do you hope to gain the skills and experience to get there? Having this information can give recruiters a better sense of your interests and long-term potential, and it also demonstrates that you’re already working towards future success, which is an attractive attribute.

Acquire Great Recommendations

One of the best ways to win over recruiters is with glowing testimonials from your previous employers. When it comes to recommendations, focus on past jobs that in some way relate to the career you’re hoping to land with your LinkedIn profile. Having a glowing recommendation of any kind is good, but if it’s in a totally unrelated field, then it may not be as helpful as you might like. So acquire recommendations that are going to attract recruiters in your chosen field.

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