Don’t Commit a Job Interview Fail by Avoiding These 4 Mistakes

If you’re looking for work, you know how hard it can be to land an interview. Unfortunately, reaching this all-important stage is only the first part of the battle, and job seekers often derail their chances by performing badly in their interviews. At Here’s Help Staffing & Recruiting, we’re committed to helping you succeed in your job search, so here are our tips for avoiding four of the most common interview mistakes.

Not Doing Research

If you’re going to an interview, you had better know a little something about the company you’re walking into. Not only will the hiring manager judge you negatively for not having done your research, you don’t want to waste valuable face time learning about the basics of the company. Additionally, doing research beforehand can give you valuable talking points to bring up during your interview.

Not Having a Plan for Your Employment

Most candidates walk into the interview just hoping to land the job. Imagine your interviewer’s surprise, however, if you come in with an employment plan. Oftentimes, serious job seekers will come with a mental checklist of what they hope to accomplish in the first 30, 60 and 90 days of their new job. By showing the hiring manager how much thought you’ve put into your potential new career, you can make a great first impression.

Asking About Salary Right Away

Growing up, you were probably taught that it’s impolite to talk about money. In most situations, this mantra applies to the job interview. If this job search is only going to entail one interview, then job seekers can bring up the salary at an appropriate time. If the search entails multiple interviews, the first conversation with the potential employer doesn’t lend itself to initiating a talk about salary. The salary discussion is a delicate balance. Use your best judgment on when to bring up salary in the job interview process.

Not Being Confident

Hiring managers typically respond well to confidence, and the most successful candidates often walk into an interview like they already have the job. During your interview, speak clearly, look your interviewer in the eye and deliver your answers with authority. Remember, however, that too much confidence can be a turnoff, so don’t forget to be personable, polite and engaging as well.

Let Here’s Help Staffing & Recruiting Find a Position for You

For 30 years, the experts at Here’s Help Staffing & Recruiting have been helping qualified candidates find positions that are right for them. Based in Middletown, New York, we work with job seekers across the Hudson Valley, partnering them with companies where their skills are needed. If you’d like to learn about our Hudson Valley staffing services, give us a call or contact our dedicated team online.

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