Land the Best Contingent Workers by Following These Tips

Contingent workers may only be with your company on a limited basis, but that doesn’t make the hiring process any less important. Whether an employee is with your company for a few weeks or a few years, you always want the best candidates for your team. In order to optimize your candidate search, you may need to make changes to your company’s hiring process, and here are four key tips to help you land the best possible contingent workers.

Short Job Descriptions

Top-tier candidates don’t want to weed through long lists of descriptions, trying to determine the most important parts. In general, the key is to make descriptions just long enough to include all of the relevant information. If you look at Here’s Help’s Employee Request Form, you’ll see that the space for job description and desired skills is relatively limited, which helps keep everything short, sweet and to the point.

Efficient Application Process

An in-depth job search can quickly start to feel like a full-time job. Given the burden that candidates are under, it’s important to make your application process as quick and easy as possible. Make sure that your forms are easy to follow and that candidates know what is expected of them. Also, it’s a good idea to provide applicants with the contact information for the hiring manager, in case they have any questions.

Keep Interviews Concise

In a further effort to save time, make sure to keep your interviews concise. Whoever is conducting the interview should go in fully prepared, ready to get through the relevant information as efficiently as possible. Also, to make the interview process more convenient for everyone, you may want to consider doing video interviews over an online service, such as Skype.

Make a Detailed Offer

The best contingent workers have concrete expectations for every job they take, so it’s important that your offer include all of the necessary details. Make sure your offer clearly states the job titles, start date, reporting structure, salary, and any benefits as well as when they kick in. By making a sufficiently detailed offer, you can avoid any unnecessary confusion, and you’ll keep your candidates from having to ask follow-up questions.

Let Here’s Help Staffing & Recruiting Find Contingency Workers For You

The placement experts at Here’s Help Staffing & Recruiting have 30 years’ experience helping our clients find temporary, temp-to-hire and permanent workers to suit a wide range of needs. A local leader in Hudson Valley staffing services, we help clients in Orange County, Dutchess County, Sullivan County and across the region. To learn how we can help with your hiring needs, contact our team online or by phone today.


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