Appeal to Job Candidates by Avoiding These Staffing Firm Pitfalls

One of the main goals of every staffing firm should be to partner qualified candidates with the right clients, helping to ensure mutually beneficial relationships for all parties. Unfortunately, some recruitment and placement services don’t engage with candidates in ways that are the most productive, and consequently sometimes companies miss out on top-tier prospects. In order to find the best possible candidates for your business, you may want to avoid staffing firms that suffer from these common pitfalls.

Not Communicating Openly

The relationship between a staffing firm and its candidates is important, and communication is key. In order to feel comfortable, candidates need to be able to reach out, ask questions and express concerns with their staffing service. Therefore, it’s incumbent upon the staffing company to maintain an open and constant dialogue with candidates, as this communication will not only appeal to candidates, but it will also allow the placement firm to more easily find the right position for them.

Not Giving Feedback

Often, candidates need guidance as they search for jobs. Maybe their interview skills could be stronger or maybe their resume needs to be more polished. Whatever the case, most candidates usually respond well to feedback from their staffing firm. It lets them know that the firm is invested in their success, and it provides them with new goals to work towards as they try to land a job.

Not Getting to Know the Candidates

The best staffing firms get to know their candidates on a personal level. Not only does this knowledge help to make candidates feel welcomed within the company, but it also allows the firm to better tailor their job selection process. If a placement company has an understanding of candidates’ backgrounds, skills and interests, they can better place candidates within companies where their unique experience will be valued.

Not Checking In

As part of maintaining an open line of communication, staffing firms need to check in with candidates who still haven’t landed a job. When staffing companies fail to touch base, candidates can often feel forgotten, leaving them to wonder whether or not the company is still looking for jobs on their behalf. If you want to appeal to top-tier job seekers, you need to make sure that your staffing firm is keeping the lines of communication open and checking in frequently.

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