Get Off to a Successful Start at Your Next Temp Job

As a temporary employee, you might be hoping that your next short-term gig turns into a full-time career opportunity. Unfortunately, many temps make mistakes early on that prevent them from securing their dream jobs down the line. In some cases, they wind up isolating or even annoying the co-workers and supervisors they hope to impress.

A leader in staffing services, Here’s Help works with job seekers to find temporary and permanent positions at local companies. Here are some of our top tips for getting off to a successful start at your next temp job.

Respect Office Protocol

Temporary employees need to realize that the offices they visit have their own policies in place. If you come in trying to make changes on day one, you will likely find that your co-workers are unreceptive. For best results, respect the existing procedures and only offer up suggestions when asked.

Be Productive

Many temporary workers start their jobs with dreams of being offered permanent employment. Unfortunately, not every candidate gets this opportunity. To up your chances of success, make sure you get to the office on time and work hard. According to one study, 46 percent of employers choose to hire temps who ask for more projects.

Be Professional

Think that your wardrobe doesn’t matter for that temporary position? Think again. If you want to get off to a successful start, strive to present yourself in a manner that’s business like and professional. Additionally, you should keep a calm manner and always look co-workers and supervisors in the eye when speaking.

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Whether you’re looking for a temporary position or full-time employment, Here’s Help has the resources and connections to help you achieve your goals. Located in Middletown, we serve a wide array of clients throughout the Hudson Valley and beyond. You can trust us to find you great job openings and work with you to prepare for the interview stage of your job search. To learn more about the job seeker resources we offer, call us today or contact Here’s Help online.



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