Make a Great Impression When Starting a New Job

Have you recently been hired for a new job? First of all, congratulations! After you’ve sufficiently celebrated landing your new position, it’s time to buckle down and get ready to work. In your first days at a new job, it’s important to make a positive impression, and the experts at Here’s Help are here to offer four simple tips to help you wow the people at your new office.

Ask Questions

When starting a job, a lot of workers will refrain from asking questions out of fear that it will make them look bad, but asking plenty of questions can actually work in your favor. Formulating thoughtful, relevant questions shows that you’re engaged with your work, you’re inquisitive and you’re eager to learn as much as possible, all of which are good qualities to have.

Learn About the Office

Every office has its own flow and personality. In your first days at your new job, try to get a feel for how the office operates. Do people take coffee breaks together? What do they discuss around the water cooler? Once you understand social flow of the office, you can integrate yourself into it.

Get to Know Your Co-workers

The process of getting to know your co-workers starts with learning everybody’s name, which can be a challenge in larger offices. When meeting your co-workers, keep an open mind, be engaging and friendly, and see what common interests you can find. Remember that one of the keys to making a positive impression is to create personal connections.

Take Initiative

When you come into an office, everyone expects you to take things slow at first. So imagine the surprise of your supervisors and co-workers if you start volunteering for additional duties right out of the gate. Sign up to join a committee or offer to take on an increased workload. By being proactive and taking initiative, you can show how invested you are in your new position.

Let Here’s Help Find a Position For You

At Here’s Help Staffing & Recruiting, it’s our goal to place candidates with companies that will value their skills and experience. Whether you’re looking for temporary work or a permanent position, we have 30 years of experience in finding a job that’s right for you. To learn more about staffing services for Middletown NY, contact our team online or give Here’s Help a call today.

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