3 Techniques to Use in Your Next Job Interview

Knowing how to conduct oneself in a job interview is a skill unto itself. You have to act professionally while also being personable, projecting confidence without coming off as cocky, and you have to give clear, concise responses that don’t sound rehearsed or forced. Given these challenges, it’s a good idea to walk into an interview with a few tricks up your sleeve. If you’re in the midst of a job search, here are three valuable techniques that can give you an advantage in an interview and help you land the position.

Get the Interviewer Talking

Interviews can quickly become one-sided. If you’re doing all of the talking, you run the risk of losing your interviewer’s attention. In order to combat this problem, don’t be afraid to ask the interviewer questions to get them talking. Not only will this technique re-engage the interviewer in the conversation, but by asking relevant questions you can also showcase some of the prep work you did before the meeting.

Ask About Their Concerns in the Hiring Process

In the spirit of asking the interviewer questions, don’t be afraid to ask what concerns they may have about the hiring process. What skill is the company most interested in candidates having? What is the ideal background? What specific experience are they looking for in a candidate? Asking these questions can tell you what is at the top of the company’s priority list, and it can give you chance to discuss your personal background and experience in a way that fits with what the company needs.

Show Quantifiable Results in Your Answers

Going into your interview, you know that there will be questions regarding your resume. When the interviewer asks about your previous job experience, be prepared to give specific, quantifiable results in your answers. If you serviced a specific number of clients or increased productivity by a certain percent, then have those numbers ready. Specific answers are significantly better than general ones, and they give the interviewer something concrete to take away from the interview.

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