2014 Looks to be Very Interesting for Employers

Global talent exodus on the horizon as economic growth returns Worldwide employee turnover levels forecast to reach new highs, rising sharply in 2014 Turnover in emerging markets set to spike first European workers will be the slowest to spread their wings Unique new study identifies the five key factors driving employee loyalty Global firms face… Read More »

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What a Temp Staffing Agency can Offer You

What a Temp Staffing Agency can Offer You Friday, July 18 11:24:00 AM | Jeff Kells You may be operating under the misconception that a temp staffing agency is nothing more than a place to find temp workers. You may not be aware that a quality temp staffing agency can offer a full range of business… Read More »

Affordable Care Act Update (ACA)

Administration Announces One-Year Delay of ACA Employer Requirements American Staffing Association (07/03/13) The Obama Administration announced late yesterday that it “will provide an additional year before the ACA mandatory employer and insurer reporting requirements begin.” The announcement was in response to concerns expressed by ASA and its partners in the Employers for Flexibility in Health… Read More »

Getting the Most from Your Temporary Employees

Nearly every business in the world could benefit from workforce flexibility.  But what many professionals don’t realize is that “temps” can be used for more than just fill-ins for sick and vacation time.  In fact, when used strategically, temporary staffing can improve productivity, increase capacity to handle spikes in workload, and provide access to specialized… Read More »

Temporary Job Success – Make the Most of Every Assignment

Flexibility.  Extra income.  Work experience.  An avenue to direct employment.  The reasons people choose temporary work are as diverse as the assignments they select. But whether you are looking to earn some extra cash, or are seeking full-time employment, here are several things you can do to make the most of temporary assignments: Dress the… Read More »