How To Handle Curveball Interview Questions

You finally scored an interview for that dream job, beating out dozens, if not hundreds of qualified applicants. Now you just have to impress the hiring manager, as well as your potential new boss, in person. Of course, this can be easier said than done, especially if the company is fond of asking candidates to… Read More »

Top Five Traits of Great Managers

Finding great managers for your business can be a daunting task. While companies may be tempted to promote employees from within, these workers, while loyal, may not always possess the skills necessary for success. At Here’s Help, we have decades of experience helping businesses find and hire top-quality managers. Learn more about the traits of… Read More »

Screening Questions to Help You Narrow the Candidate List

Interviews aren’t just stressful for prospective employees; they can also be a challenge for the people doing the hiring. Because job turnover can cost companies a great deal of money in the long run, it’s important to screen potential workers carefully. An essential part of the hiring process, interviews should tell you more about a… Read More »

Retain Talent by Hiring Better

As a hiring manager, you probably know that high employee turnover can seriously impact you company productivity. However, you may not realize that the cost of replacing a poor worker can amount to 20 percent of his or her annual salary. Improving your company’s hiring process is the best way to minimize losses due to… Read More »

Recruiters Reveal the 5 Secrets to Effective Interview Preparation

Whatever your career goals, the first step in finding a job is getting your foot in the door. One of the Hudson Valley’s top recruiting companies, Here’s Help understands that thorough interview preparation is crucial to making a great first impression on hiring managers. Here are five of our top secrets for effective interview preparation… Read More »

When Is the Right Time to Start Looking for Candidates?

Determining the best time to start looking for job candidates can be difficult. While jumping the gun on hiring choices can leave your business in a serious money crunch, waiting too long to start the search can result in decreased productivity and delayed growth. Further, putting off hiring decisions can injure relationships with both customers,… Read More »

Boss Vs. Leader? Which One Are You?

Are you a boss or a leader? While these terms may seem like synonyms, the fact is that they represent two distinct styles of overseeing employees. Whereas bosses tend to talk and issue orders, leaders are more apt to listen to their workers and collaborate with others in order to find the best solutions. Understanding… Read More »

5 Ways Working with a Recruiter Can Boost Your Career

In an effort to save money, many job seekers are turning to free social networks and career boards to find their next positions. And while sites like Linked In and Monster are a great resource, job hunters who choose to “go it alone” may be missing out on valuable opportunities to find their dream careers.… Read More »


HOT JOB: Psychiatry Opportunity in New York’s beautiful Hudson Valley Our client, a prestigious multi-specialty physicians’ group who has been recognized as a Patient-Centered Medical Home by the National Committee for Quality Assurance, seeks a Psychiatrist to join their group. Practice features include: • 100% outpatient work to start up and lead the department •… Read More »

5 Non-Traditional Interview Questions to Expose the Right Candidate

Conducting a thorough job interview is a crucial part of assessing a candidate’s skill and experience. However, many interview questions have become so common that candidates are apt to have prescribed answers in mind. By asking less conventional interview questions, hiring managers can encourage applicants to think on their feet and, as a result, learn… Read More »