Go From “Temp” to “Hired” with These Simple Steps…

Accepting temporary positions is a great way to gain workplace experience while making valuable connections at various companies. While some businesses hire short-term workers to cover for employees who are on vacation or maternity leave, in other cases companies may use temporary employment as a method of trying out workers for long-term positions. Here are… Read More »

5 Ways of Managing Employee Burnout

In today’s competitive workplace, employees are willing to go to great lengths to avoid being laid off. And while it’s great to have workers go the extra mile, employee burnout is a real concern. Not only do overworked employees fall ill more often, but they may also perform at a lower level, resulting in less… Read More »

Exit Interviews: The Secret to Better Hiring

Want to improve your success rate when it comes to hiring new employees? Along with helping businesses boost their productivity and profit ratios, conducting employee exit interviews can help companies improve their hiring practices, reducing turnover and boosting retention in the long run. Exit interviews offer businesses the unique opportunity to collect uncensored feedback from their… Read More »

How Your Company Culture May Be Hurting Your Retention

Maintaining a happy corporate culture is crucial to improving both productivity and performance at your business. Not only do companies with positive morale attract better job candidates, but they also have far more success in retaining existing workers throughout the years. Here are three ways in which your current corporate culture may be harming your… Read More »

4 Awkward (But Critical) Candidate Screenings

The success of any business depends in large part on the strength of its staff. While candidate screenings can be awkward, they are crucial to guaranteeing the future success of your company as well as the safety and comfort of your other employees. Here are four critical screenings for managers to conduct before hiring a… Read More »

Ever Wish You Could “Try Out” Candidates?

Whether they choose to leave or are let go due to poor performance, employees who don’t work out can cost companies thousands of dollars. Along with the price of training new workers, companies may lose income during the period when the position is unfilled. Fortunately, an option exists to allow businesses to audition potential employees… Read More »

3 Ways Hiring Mediocre Talent Can Cost You

Poor hiring decisions can have a serious impact on the success of a company. In fact, replacing an employee who quit or was terminated can cost a business up to 21 percent of the worker’s salary. At Here’s Help Staffing, we recognize that less-than-stellar workers can be a drain on company resources while they are… Read More »

College Grad? Why You Should Work with a Recruiter

As a recent college graduate, you probably know that finding your first job out of school is a challenging prospect. However, you may not realize that an astonishing 36 percent of graduates are employed at jobs that don’t require a college degree. At Here’s Help Staffing in Middletown, we specialize in helping new graduates find… Read More »

THR Readers’ Choice – Here’s Help Staffing #1

Here’s Help Staffing & Recruiting – Proactive approach to Physician Shortage

According to the Association of American Medical Colleges, the United States faces a shortage of more than 90,000 physicians by 2020—a number that will grow to more than 150,000 by 2025. There are a number of factors contributing to the shortage, including: A significant portion of the physician workforce (33%) is over the age of… Read More »