Down on Your Job Search? Optimism Will Help More Than You Think

It’s easy to get discouraged if those last few job interviews haven’t gone your way. You may even be tempted to give up the search or try for something below your desired pay grade. Here are a few ways to stay optimistic while looking for a job – they may help more than you think!… Read More »

4 Reasons to Use a Staffing Company in the Hudson Valley

Planning a hiring surge this year? While many companies believe that staffing is a no-brainer, the truth is that successful recruitment is both time consuming and complex. Based in Middletown, Here’s Help works with Hudson Valley businesses to help them find the best job candidates, and reduce long-term turnover rates. Here are four reasons to… Read More »

When Will the Nursing Shortage Happen?

If you work in the healthcare industry, then the chances are good that you’ve heard about the impending nursing shortage. A local staffing leader, Here’s Help is passionate about preparing Hudson Valley facilities for the coming shortage. The first steps in achieving preparedness are 1) understanding the causes of the nursing deficiency and 2) accurately… Read More »

Want to Make Office Changes? Be Careful

Change may be a fact of life, but that doesn’t mean that any of us like it very much. Dealing with change can be particularly complex in the workplace, as employees often feel they have little choice but to tow the company line. At Here’s Help, we are passionate about helping business owners and managers… Read More »

Mid-Year Resolution: Set Goals for 2015

Has your recent job search failed to yield the desired results? If so, you may want to consider setting new mid-year job search resolutions. Based in Middletown, Here’s Help offers expert staffing services for a wide range job seekers throughout the Hudson Valley area. Here are some of our top tips for refocusing your job… Read More »

Is the Passive Candidate Worth Your Resources?

Hiring managers spend a majority of their time interacting with and pursuing active candidates. After all, these are the people who are sending out resumes, making phone calls, and generally putting effort into landing available positions. However, companies looking for the best possible workforce may want to go after passive candidates as well as active… Read More »

Frustrated at Work? Walk Away

Even the best work environments can be tense from time to time. With multiple projects and points of view, it’s only natural for confrontations to arise. To minimize hurt feelings — and keep confrontations from escalating — it’s important to learn to walk away when you find that you’re growing angry. The last thing you… Read More »

Establish Trust with Job Candidates

When it comes time to hire employees, companies tend to assume they have all the power. And while the business does make the final decision to hire or not, failing to treat job candidates with respect and dignity can have a negative effect on your company’s reputation in the long term. A leader in employee… Read More »

Turn Temp Work into a Positive on Your Resume

While the economy is beginning to recover from the recent recession, competition for the best positions is still fierce. Further, many businesses are turning to temporary staffing to save money. As a result, many workers are forced to take on temporary jobs even though they’d prefer full-time permanent positions. Although temp work may not be… Read More »

Make Interns Do More than Make Copies

Hiring interns can be a great way to save company money while educating the next generation of employees. Unfortunately, many businesses make the mistake of only using their interns for manual labor or boring, repetitive tasks. The truth is that the average college intern is capable of a whole lot more than making copies. Below… Read More »