Learn How to Evaluate a Job Candidate’s LinkedIn Recommendations

Most companies prefer hiring employees recommended by current friends and co-workers. However, in today’s increasingly digital world, LinkedIn is fast replacing in-person referrals. Many people have LinkedIn recommendations on their profiles, but how do you tell which ones are truly worthwhile? A relatively new item, the LinkedIn recommendations feature lets members endorse friends and co-workers… Read More »

Is Text Messaging Acceptable in the Job Search?

Once upon a time, companies communicated with job candidates via phone calls and formal letters delivered by mail. However, in the past few years, email has become the primary method by which companies communicate. Not only do candidates apply for positions online, but companies also send emails back to set up interviews, request samples, and… Read More »

Get Up Off the Mat After a Tough Job Interview

Interview didn’t go quite as planned? After a bad interview, it can be hard to get back on the proverbial job search horse. Still, candidates need to stay positive if they hope to find their dream positions. Use the following three tips to get up off the mat after an interview doesn’t go your way.… Read More »

Write Better Job Descriptions To Get Better Candidates

Tired of hiring sub-par talent at your business? The problem may not be the employees you choose but your company’s inability to write accurate job descriptions for the positions in question. Instead of viewing your job ad as an opportunity to audition candidates, use it as a tool to sell your company to top talent.… Read More »

Is Patient Care Affected By Long Shifts?

It’s no secret that long shifts are hard on the nurses and doctors who endure them. Not only do overworked medical staffs suffer higher rates of illness, but they are also more likely to report feelings of stress and depression and tend to burn out more frequently. While these issues are serious for the health… Read More »

Your Team Is Working Hard – Make Sure They Say Thank You To Each Other

The modern workplace can be stressful, and it’s easy for productivity to suffer as colleagues get caught up in personal disputes. Fortunately, employers can take steps to minimize on-the-job turmoil while maximizing good will. Understanding that it’s easy for a simple “Thank You” or act of gratitude to get lost in the shuffle, the best… Read More »

Where Will The Jobs Be In the Next Five Years?

Searching for a job that will keep you gainfully employed for years to come while satisfying your desire to help others? It’s important to do your research. While the healthcare industry is growing at a rapid rate in light of the Affordable Care Act and an aging baby boomer population, not all medical jobs offer… Read More »

Build a Culture of Customer Service

It’s no secret that people will remember and come back to businesses offering great customer service. However, establishing that level of client care can be easier said than done. Understanding that exceptional service starts with an organization’s culture, Here’s Help offers the following tips for building a culture of caring. Be Compassionate If your workplace… Read More »

Diversity Will Help Your Business Succeed Even More

Diversity in the workplace is an often-discussed topic these days. And while businesses may be tired of hearing about the subject, the truth is that hiring diverse employees is crucial for your company’s long-term success. After all, people from different locations and backgrounds also possess unique strengths and ranges of experience. In the long run,… Read More »

Can an Introvert Make a Better Leader?

Business owners have a bad habit of assuming that introverts are less capable than their extroverted counterparts. And while it’s true that reserved employees sometimes struggle in social situations, research shows that some of the traits associated with introversion are actually beneficial in the business world. Here are a few reasons that an introverted employee… Read More »